Auction Terms and Conditions for The UConn Club Online Auctions

The UConn Club Online Silent Auction

 Any participant that bids after registration will serve as the participant’s agreement with and consent to all UConn Club Auction Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions of Participation

  1. The format of the auction is an online silent auction, with all bids entered by the bidder at
  2. Patrons may bid and re-bid on as many items as they would like.
  3. If you made an error on your bid, you must notify The UConn Club Auction Committee via email to
  4. The Silent Auction Pro software determines the highest bidder the winning at the exact moment that the auction closes. Bidders need to be aware of timing differences between their computer or smart phone and the time it takes your message to reach the server. We commend that bidders use the “Bid-for-Me” function to automatically place higher bids when they have been out-bid. The Bid-for-Me function will increase your bid up to your maximum bid when other bidders place bids greater than yours.
  5. Bidders that have won an item through the immediate purchase capability called “Buy-it-Now” Silent Auction Pro function can pay for their item prior to the close of the auction and pick it up or arrange for delivery.
  6. All winning bidders are expected to pay for their items within 21 days following the close of the online auction. No items will be disbursed without full payment. Items not paid for after 21 days will be made available to the next higher bidders at the winning bid price. Unpaid items will then be returned to The UConn Club for use at its discretion.  Exception – if the items are tickets for an event that is during that 21 day grace period, the Club will require payment 7 days prior to the event.
  7. Cash, checks, debit cards, MasterCard, VISA, Discover, Venmo, and American Express will be accepted as payment. Payment via credit cards or debit cards can be made online at the SilentAuctionPro online auction site. Cash or check payment can be made at pick up. Those paying via Venmo must email: before payment.
  8. The winning bidders can pick up their items in Rocky Hill, Connecticut after payment. The address and directions will be provided to the winning bidder.  Items that can be mailed at the cost of a first-class postage stamp can be mailed to the winner. The UConn Club will ship other items if the winning bidder requests and pays for shipment.
  9. If a winning bidder makes no contact to arrange for item delivery with The UConn Club after 90 days, those items will become a donation to the UConn Club and it has the exclusive rights to use the items for future events.
  10. Items not picked up within 180 days will be retained by The UConn Club and and it has the exclusive rights to use the items for future events.
  11. All sales are final.
  12. Descriptions of the items have been made with reasonable effort to describe each item correctly, but all items are sold “where is” and “as is” and without warranty or representation of any kind, as to the correctness of description, genuineness, authenticity, condition, quality, of fitness for any purpose.
  13. Values set forth opposite the items being auctioned are estimates only, and are not guaranteed by The UConn Club for tax purposes or general value.
  14. All items have been donated to The UConn Club and are sold by it and not by the donor. Purchasers are politely, but urgently, requested not to ask for refunds or exchanges from donors without permission from The UConn Club. Unless otherwise specified, donors are requested not to grant refunds or exchanges without permission from The UConn Club.
  15. Any dispute or situation not covered by the above rules will be resolved by The UConn Club Board of Directors in a manner deemed by them to be fairest to all concerned, and that discussion shall be final and / or binding.
  16. Anyone bidding on an item containing alcohol, or picking it up, must be at least 21 years of age.
  17. Some items contain conditions or restrictions. These restrictions are stated on the item entry in the restrictions section.

If you have questions about the Terms and Conditions, contact the UConn Club by emailing before you place your bid.